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for My New Head

It's marvelous!  It's what pop music would sound like if it were made by unborn psychedelic ghosts.”

- Neil Gaiman

"An art-for-the-ears mantra that entangles rabbit holes previously tunneled by Brian Wilson, Kate Bush, the Beatles." - Haviland S. Nichols, Chronogram


"With his third album Fredo Viola ventures into his most accomplished and fascinating work. "My New Head" is the celebration of sound as the art of the fantastic..." - Gianfranco Marmoro, Ondarock

"The melodies are sterling while the verses are sharper than a farmhand’s machete, and to those with an appetite for compelling alternative songcraft, this is a tough listen to beat." - Anne Hollister, The Indie Source


"...there is no label nor style that I can use to categorize Fredo Viola’s stunning My New Head; it’s something that is simply too classical and too futuristic at the same time to fit into any of the predesignated boxes some critics live and die by." - Bethany Page, Vents Magazine

"My New Head is unlike any album you’re going to hear in 2021... Only a versatile player can make all of the oddities in this piece work and flow together seamlessly, and I think that’s why so many critics are rewarding Viola with affection for his work here." - Mark Druery, IndieShark 

"My New Head links experimental pop music with Gregorian Chant, film score with psychedelia, the improbable with the artistic, the baroque with the futuristic.  It is haunting, atmospheric and so wonderfully weird." - Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture

"...[a] magnificently enthralling affair." - Gwen Waggoner, Gas house radio

" of the more opulent underground releases of the year." - Michael Rand,

"’s undisputedly the most unique I’ve had the opportunity to sit down with in the past year. ...No matter how you dice it, this LP is a winner for anyone with an affinity for incendiary alternative music. " - Mindy McCall, IndiePulse Music

"My New Head is a story of self-awareness above all else, but beyond this, it’s a great way to get into a criminally underrated artist." - John McCall, Too Much Love Magazine


"The bottom line? My New Head is [Viola's] personal watershed and required listening for indie-pop connoisseurs. There's enough moxie in this record to make it clear that Viola is one of the best and most capable players in or outside of his scene in 2021."  - Garth Thomas, The Hollywood

"My New Head will see Fredo Viola at the peak of his musical creativity." - Les Oreilles Curieuses

"He had bowled us over with his first album, The Turn and its medieval harmonies, he returns, Mephistophelian, with Pine Birds, the soundtrack of a fantastic tale that opens the doors of perception." - Gui Mauve,

"The album is one of the more unique and captivating I have heard in recent memory. It accomplishes something that very few albums do which is combine experimentation with accessible melodies." - Matt Jensen, Divide and Conquer Music

"The album pushes the boundaries of experimental indie rock, opting for a fantasy-style with a dreamy aesthetic to back it up." - Thorne Stone, Review Fix

"the cinematic sonic landscapes keep you totally entertained through an enjoyable ride through the surreal and otherworldly." - My Nguyen, With Guitars

for The Turn

“The Turn is a unique masterpiece...” - Les Inrockuptiples

“Fredo clearly posesses a rich musical palette that allows him, for this sumptuous first album, to compose a cathedral of sound with only his voice. “ - Le Monde

“A triumphant reminder of pop’s golden age... captures that magical moment before commercialism and innovation became mutually exclusive concepts.” - Chris Evans,

“An often glorious album that imagines the Beach Boys as Gregorian chanters with Brian Eno at the helm.”

- The Independent

“The multi-layered harmonies and rococo melodies evoke Brian Wilson at his most playful...” - Uncut

“Achieves a choral, quasi-religious intensity that is quite unlike anything else you will hear... It really is beautiful.”

- Guardian UK


for Revolutionary Son

“...coexistence between cultured and popular, difficult and immediate, adventurous and comfortable, is proven very possible, and indeed more joyful than ever. A second masterpiece.” - Andrea Pomini, Rumore 

“A transformative experience of lyrical energy, not just exciting and compelling, but one that teases your imagination.” - Gianfranco Marmoro - Ondarock

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